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in Poland” is a project commissioned by the Polish Agency for Development and financed by the European Social Fund within the framework of the Operational Programme Human Capital (OP HC) – “Development of Human Resources Through the Promotion of , Transfer and Dissemination of Innovation” – Sub-measure 2.1.3. The project is being carried out by Deloitte Business Consulting S.A.


The results are directly addressed to enterprises operating within clusters, as well as to coordinators. Indirectly, the project results are addressed to all parties concerned with the functioning of clusters in Poland, primarily local self-governments, and innovation supporting institutions, government administration offices and representatives of science. 

in Poland - 2010 – a Follow-up Rreport
The report is the result of PAED’s project entitled “Organization and Performance of in Poland.” It was prepared on the basis of an analysis of data obtained from the coordinators and leaders of 47 clusters operating in different business sectors nationwide.  

in Poland – English version of the report

in Poland - 2010 - English Summary 

Key Stages of the Project

1. Research Preparation

During the first stage, Deloitte verified and updated the list of clusters invited to participate in the research. The database of clusters was created as a result of a clusters inventory  commissioned by PAED in 2008. This stage included trainings for interviewers to carry out surveys in clusters. The trainings covered the topics related to the nature of the creation and development of clusters, as well as the scope of the research. The participants were also familiarized with the research tools and the survey methods. On 20 May 2010, representatives of the clusters selected for the research took part in a working meeting during which they were presented the aim and the scope of the project, as well as the benefits connected with the participation in the research. They were also familiarized with the research methodology, the scope of to be prepared by clusters, as well as the project schedule. 

2. Surveys

Each survey will cover two entities from each : a representative of a coordinator and a representative of a leader. The interviews will take place at a previously agreed  time and place. 
3. Data Analysis

The data will be analyzed based on the methodology previously prepared upon PAED’s commission. The analysis will be in-depth and multidimensional. It will feature a precise and detailed and conclusions. It will result in the of as many causal links as possible, taking into consideration a large number of issues identified at the research stage. 

4. Result Analysis

A very important part of a research is to identify the impacting the effectiveness of a . These include:  

5. Preparation of Reports

The gathered in the course of the research will serve as a basis for the preparation and of two types of reports: a general report and reports dedicated to particular clusters.

The general report will constitute a collective analysis of the current development of clusters in Poland. The report will be available in a book format and in an electronic version available on PAED’s websites. It will contain the results of a multi cross-sectional analysis of the collected

The dedicated (individual) reports will contain analyses of individual clusters. They will compare  each against the , as well as suggest individual recommendations aimed at improving the position of a given on the market. The analysis of the current situation of a will allow to prepare conclusions, recommendations, also regarding the for a given

6. The Conference

An international conference will close the project. The conference will be attended by entrepreneurs – members and coordinators, representatives of scientific entities, as well as local and national authorities concerned with the issue of clusters in Poland. 

The conference will feature a presentation of the methodology used for the purposes of the research, the survey methods, the results of the analysis of the collected data, and the recommendations for particular groups of recipients of the research. The conference will also be attended by foreign experts, who will talk about other countries’ experience with clustering.   

The research is expected to deepen the of the current development of clusters in Poland on the one hand, and promote clusters on the other. It is also expected to provide clusters with on the possibilities of improving their operations, and to present the applied in Polish clusters. 

A Summing-up Conference

On 14 October 2010, a conference entitled “ As an for Improving the Quality of Management”was held in Warsaw. The conference served as a summary of the following projects of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development:

The two projects were carried out as a part of PAED’s system project entitled “Development of Human Resources Through the Promotion of , Transfer and Dissemination of Innovation,” financed by the European Social Fund within the framework of the Operational Programme Human Capital (OP HC) – Sub-measure 2.1.3.

The aim of the conference was to discuss the results of the research and nthe conclusions and recommendations resulting from the analysis of the data collected in the course of the two projects. 

The conference was divided into three parts: a general part and two parallel panels devoted to each project. The general part of the conference was attended by Aneta Wilmańska, Deputy  Chief Executive Officer of PAED, Arkadiusz Kowalski, a representative of the Economic Development Department of the Ministry of Economy, and Michał Gluska a of TÜV NORD Polska. The participants discussed PAED’s actions aimed at clusters and technology parks, the level of innovation in Poland as compared to other European countries, as well as the role of as a comparative analysis in increasing the competitiveness of researched entities. 

Speakers of the general part of the conference. From the left: Dionizy Smoleń, Aneta Wilmańska, Arkadiusz Kowalski, Michał Gluska.

The participants of the “ in Poland” panel had the opportunity to get to know the clusters methodology presented by dr. Aleksandra Nowakowska, the Head of the Project Consultants Team.

Dionizy Smoleń, Director for the Public Sector and the EU at Deloitte Business Consulting S.A, presented the research results and the recommendations resulting from the analysis of the collected data, addressed to the members and coordinators of clusters, as well as the institutions responsible for the creation of the policy at the regional and national levels.

Prof. Bogusław Plawgo, one of the reviewers of the general report, discussed the project results in view of the support policy in Poland. Dr. Gers Meier zu Köcker, a clustering from a German agency “Competence Networks Germany,” presented the evolution of clusters support programmes in Germany. 

The speech of dr. Gerda Meier zu Köckerawas met with great interest.

Another foreign speaker was Raphael Kruger, who spoke about the experience connected with a German named HealthCapital Berlin-Brandenburg (HCBB). He presented the opportunities and limitations connected with the development of clusters operating in the healthcare area.

Marcin Baron, a partner at InnoCo Sp. z o.o. discussed the role and the functioning of the coordinator.

Katja Ahlroth, an of the Himos Holiday Resort and HimosWorld Ltd. from Finland, presented her experience as a coordinator of a operating in the tourist sector. She stressed the importance of the management method and the role of the coordinator on the way to success. 

Katja Ahlroth from Finland

Rainer Hagedorn, representing Zentrum für Innowation und Technik in NRW from Germany, spoke of the possibilities of the development of foreign cooperation of clusters through the  European Collaboration Platform

Rainer Hagedorn spoke about the European Collaboration Platform 

The last speaker, Ewelina Zajączkowska of Deloitte Business Consulting S.A. – speaking on behalf of Andrzej Rybka, the Director of Aviation Valley Association – presented the Aviation Valley
During the presentation, the representatives of clusters took part in a mini lottery, winning a total of 11 prizes. 

A mini lottery. From the left: Dionizy Smoleń, Lidia Idzikowska, Joanna Podgórska and Kazimierz Schmidt, representing “Razem Cieplej” – a from the Warmia and Mazuria region

The entitled ”Clusters in Poland – 2010,” one of the results of PAED’s project, was distributed during the conference. The report is available in paper format in PAED’s office, or in en electronic format on CD’s and on the Innovation Portal. The project included a preparation of 47 reports, each dedicated to a particular participating in the research. The dedicated reports have not been published. 

Conference participants

If you have any questions or comments regarding the “ in Poland – 2010” project, please wrfite to: klastry@parp.gov.pl

Presentations (in Polish):

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