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Transition Technologies S.A.
Transition Technologies S.A.

55 Pawia, St. | 01-030 Warsaw | POLAND
phone +48 22 331 80 20 | fax +48 22 331 80 30
tt@tt.com.pl | www.tt.com.pl

Contact person:
Konrad Wojdan, M.Sc. Eng. /Project Manager
phone + 48 22 331 80 20 | fax +48 22 331 80 30



Project description:

SILO (Stochastical Immunological Layer Optimizer) is a new immune inspired on-line optimizer of industrial processes. It is an optimization system, with immunity system in the knowledge base management layer. Thanks to SILO, heat and electricity producers can minimize CO, NOX and SO2 emission and increase generation effi ciency.

Project innovativeness:

SILO is a completely new approach for industrial process optimization. It is a response for customers needs, that are impossible to fulfi ll by solutions that are based on a priori process model (model predictive control algorithms). This new approach is based on analogy with immune systems of living creatures. Other advanced process control and optimization solutions are based on a big, sophisticated model that is very hard to obtain, maintenance and tune. SILO uses different approach. It gathers portions of knowledge (B cells) about the process and uses selected portions of knowledge to forecast plant behavior in the close neighborhood of current process state.

Creators of the project:

Konrad Wojdan, M.Sc. Eng.
Konrad Świrski, Ph.D.
Grzegorz Jaromoszewicz, Ph.D.
Tomasz Chomiak, M.Sc. Eng.
Michał Warchoł, Ph.D.

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