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Cluster policy in Poland
Cluster policy in Poland

The proposal for cluster policy was drafted by the Polish Cluster Policy Group in 2012. In its Report the Group presented recommendations on cluster policy measures and instruments for the period 2014-2020. These recommendations can be summarized as follows:

  • Development of existing clusters and founding new ones should be implemented by supporting cluster initiatives and cluster coordinators;
  • Clusters that are the most important for Polish economy and competitive on international scale (world-class clusters) should be nominated and named as Key National Clusters;
  • Development of key national and regional clusters should be stimulated by support granted  not only to cluster coordinators but also directly to cluster actors, i.e. enterprises, research organisations and business support institutions;
  • Support for basic coordination functions should be available on regional level;
  • Dedicated support for internationalization should be available for coordinators of Key National  Clusters;
  • Key National Clusters would be appointed throughout the entire financial perspective on a competitive call basis after validation against precisely defined criteria and requirements;
  • In order to ensure credibility and transparency, it is necessary to establish an Evaluation Committee composed of representatives of ministries and government agencies and complemented by independent experts with different backgrounds;
  • Key National Clusters would receive wide public support for R&D, production infrastructures, development of human capital, promotion and internationalization;
  • Regions should also establish priorities of their own development policies by pointing to key regional clusters that would define their smart specializations;
  • Public support should be offered for collaborative projects undertaken by entities operating in key clusters.

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