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2010/10/27 13:14:49
E-Books Help to Run E-Businesses

Electronic books available at www.web.gov.pl are a source of an exceptionally useful , especially for those running or planning to run an . But not only. The large number of books gathered in one spot form a sort of a virtual library available to anyone wishing to broaden their in the area of economics and

The site offers nearly fifty e-books (status as at October 2010). They are all worth reading for several reasons. Firstly, out of sheer curiosity. The collection includes e.g. a very interesting, although short study regarding the development of blog zones in Poland and worldwide. Secondly, to find an idea for an . The study entitled “The Development of the E-Services Sector Around the World” may serve as a mine of ideas. Another study entitled “Business Models of E-Services” may prove useful before setting one’s own business. Thirdly, to solve a concrete problem. How and if to use Saas – as a Service”? What should “Business Justification for Ventures” look like and what should its characteristic features be? These are only two of many questions that reading www.web.gov.pl e-books should bring answers to. Finally, to broaden or complement one’s on the different aspects of running a business on the

Most of the publications have been created under the project entitled “Launching of a Multifunctional Communication Platform Supporting the Performance of Tasks Under Measures 8.1 and 8.2 of the Operational Program Innovative Economy.” The project is being carried out by the and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. 

The virtual library contains mainly short publications, ranging from 10 to 30 pages in length, constituting studies of concrete problems facing people running e-businesses. These publications briefly describe many related issues. One can, for example, read about the legal aspects of having a web-site, find out how to use website visit statistics tools, find out about personal and protection on the or read about the nature of the electronic B2B  systems market. 

The website also offers a few in-depth studies regarding more complex issues, although their titles may not sound very encouraging e.g. “Carrying Out B2B Processes Using ICT Technology,” a handbook offering valuable for e-companies, addressed particularly to entities applying for funds under measure 8.1. OP IE or those which have already been granted such funds. 

Some of the publications form comprehensive series. For example, some of them discuss the legal aspects of using the and may be viewed as forming a short course in for people using the . The readers may count on more books to be added to the course in the future. Another series consists of publications regarding the phenomena. This series is comprised of e.g. an e-book devoted to community websites or a brochure discussing the phenomenon of blogging.  Each of them describes the origins of a given phenomenon, the rules governing it, as well as its Polish context. What’s important, the regarding particular phenomena has been presented in an orderly fashion, offering much help to readers interested in running an , e.g. a new community website. 

One of the most popular topics is e-services. A number of publications have been written by a group of three authors (Beata Mazurek-Kucharska, Jacek Kuciński, Radosław Flis) who have participated as experts in preparing a report based on a research on “the demand for activities supporting the development of e-services by micro and small companies,” carried out by Pentor – a research company.

The report from this research is also available on the website. A very special is “The Development of the E-Sector Worldwide.” Its authors portray the most popular global e-services, focusing on those that are not yet available in Poland, therefore, this may be inspiring for people thinking of opening a new business.  

To sum , one should stress two main advantages of this collection of e-books. Firstly, it allows its readers to familiarize themselves with on a range of key related issues. Secondly, some of the publications contain or even tool . For this reason, they can be treated as handbooks facilitating the running of a business using the . For many people, especially those who have just started running their own business, www.web.gov.pl may prove to be a very useful website. 

Autor:Krzysztof Orłowski 

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