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Innovative Entrepreneurs' Club
Innovative Entrepreneurs' Club

The project targeted innovative entrepreneurs and business environment organizations with the purpose to stimulate emergence and growth of innovative business enterprises as well as provide support for small and medium sized economic entities with implementing and developing innovative solutions. Activities performed under the Club provided entrepreneurs with practical information on major trends related to development of innovative entrepreneurship in the European Union.

The events presented by the Innovative Entrepreneurs’ Club created a unique opportunity to interact in an environment bringing together entrepreneurs and research institutions to network, exchange experience and intensify cooperation. The focus was on transferring  theoretical knowledge onto practical grounds and deliver useful information regarding major trends in the following domains:

  • Eco-innovation
  • Innovation in services
  • New approach to public procurement
  • Demand-driven approach to developing innovative solutions

The Project that ended in 2012 included various activities aimed at stimulating the potential of small and medium innovative enterprises, such as:

  • series of meetings held in regions (discussion fora) with experts from Poland and abroad
  • the Best Master’s Thesis Contest for students
  • series of handbooks and guides

Our activities targeted management and employees of small and medium enterprises, R&D institutions, academic centres as well as regional and local public entities. The range of topics discussed at the Club related to practical aspects of running a business and provided an opportunity to exchange views and opinions among entrepreneurs as well as other people participating in the meetings, thus helping to disseminate knowledge and facilitate adaptability to changes taking place at the EU and global markets. Through careful selection of practically relevant topics, followed by proper implementation taking into account the reality of the Polish market, the project offered real benefits to the Polish entrepreneurs helping them apply acquired knowledge to business practices.

Innovative Entrepreneurs’ Club Project has been developed by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development under the bigger project entitled Development of human resources through promotion and dissemination of knowledge and innovation [Rozwój zasobów ludzkich poprzez promowanie wiedzy, transfer i upowszechnianie innowacji], financed from the European Social Fund, Human Capital Operational Programme (Measure 2.1.3).

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